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If you're thinking of taking a vacation with your dog but have never been accepted by hotels because of this, PetFriendly is an app that lets you plan your trips with your pets thanks to a list of lodgings that accept all kinds of animals. Search for the city, make your reservation, and travel in the company of your best friend.

Although you can't manage your reservation from the app, once you find the room you want PetFriendly will take you straight to your hotel or hostel reservation on the popular tool This helps you find a place that accepts your pet and also gets you discounts.

Using the tool's interface you can find lodging in cities worldwide. You'll be surprised by the number of places that accept your dog or cat – so no more leaving them at home while you enjoy your holidays. Under each place's listing you'll find a comprehensive catalogue of all the amenities available for both you and your animal.

PetFriendly works like any other hotel reservation app: search for a city or for your current location, enter the date and a price, and then browse through the wide variety of results. With tons of options to choose from you can be sure of having the basics covered when it comes time to travel with your pet.
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